Welcome to SchoolPay


SchoolPay is the oldest K12 eCommerce solution provider and the only enterprise level solution. Increase accounting transparency, improve cash flow, and streamline operations by putting all department payments on a common payment platform.


Non-Profit Groups

While SchoolPay is robust enough to serve large districts, we are most proud of the fact that it’s EASY! Volunteers for non-profit school groups, such as PTA's, Booster Clubs, Foundations, etc. will not need to be eCommerce experts to use SchoolPay.  


School Districts

SchoolPay is the only ecommerce provider that shares data two ways with any disparate software system.  Supporting all payments from a single platform reduces errors, audit scope/cost, cash management costs, and a host of other hard and soft cost savings.



SchoolPay, a Payment Services Provider, offers full merchant solutions and a specialized gateway built specifically for K12.  Payment processing and ecommerce are easy with SchoolPay’s PCI-compliant gateway API.